Friday, June 17, 2005

Blood & liquor

I have very little to contribute at the moment.

I must, however, tell you NY peeps what you're doing tonight, because that's the kind of bitch I am. So...
Go see The Drew Blood, damn you! At 11 PM, at Bar Eleven. (LES, 152 Orchard between Stanton and Rivington.) Doors at 8, open bar from 9-10, woo hoo! With special guest DJ Michael T, who astounds me with his utter non-assholeness in spite of his status as a superstar of NYC nightlife. He's a peach, fer reals. And I don't even need to tell you how much I dig Drew.
Oh'll be pleased to know that I received some comfort regarding the Jackson verdict from a fairly unlikely source...Stereogum posted this. For me to poop on, indeed.


Blogger Dotty said...

Went and watched it, and then showed it to my Hub as soon as he got home.

4:51 PM  
Anonymous charles said...

Um... "IFILM has complied with a request by NBC that we do not show this video clip."

9:10 PM  

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