Monday, June 13, 2005

Good news, America!

Wowie, things just keep gettin' better and better for us Americans! Talk about FREEDOM...we've got it fallin' out of our assholes!

Our latest victory...As of yesterday, not only is it okay to murder your ex-wife and her lover if you have enough, that wasn't quite enough! Now, if you have cash in the bank to spare, you can get little kids drunk and screw 'em! YEAH! That's what I call progress!

For the sick fucks dancing in the streets after Michael Jackson's acquittal yesterday, I have one question: Would you let YOUR kid stay the night at Jacko's house alone?

See, if you say yes, you're an unfit fuck of a parent. And if you say no, you're a hypocritical piece of shit who knows he did it, and is celebrating some ludicrous principle you think that his "victory" represents. Either way, fuck you.

Yes, the victim's mother was suspicious and money-grubbing. No, she shouldn't have left her kid alone with an obvious psycho and known child molestor. Does that mean her kid wasn't victimized? Absolutely not. The case against Michael Jackson was strong to say the least (and don't take my word for the details), but yet again a defense team's sleazy exploitation of celebrity was allowed to get the better of justice. This may be even more shameful than the last un-Presidential election, if that's even possible.

So what can we do? Write to our Congressmen? Like they care.

Here, here, and here are some resources to help you prevent and detect child sexual abuse. Michael Jackson is clearly not the only pedophile walking the streets. Protect the kids you love.


Anonymous charles said...

How fucking awesome are you!? As you very well know, I love the ol' blog tirade (bloggerade?) as much as you do, but the resources at the end of this post reminded me of what good can come of it.

Another resource:

4:36 PM  

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