Friday, May 27, 2005

Oops, I did it again

Had that one...last...martini, that is. (Sapphire gin, extra dirty, extra olives, in case you were wondering.) Always a mistake. Paying dearly today, but in this case, it was well worth it.

How cool is it when you meet online friends/acquaintances/bloggers you stalk in person, and they turn out to be even awesomer than you thought? Pretty damn.

God, I am a serious waste of space right now. Just buy this book. You might wanna buy some extra skivvies first, though, as you are very nearly certain to piss yours at some point while you're reading it. And be jealous...mine was inscribed (very sweetly) by the author. Yeah, bitchez.

And thank you, very sincerely, to everyone who sent well wishes to my pops. He's undergoing all sorts of tests and is completely exhausted as a result, but he and my mom are doing pretty okay. We'll see what happens when the shock wears off. Eek.

Peace out, childrens!


Blogger Anna said...

I want to meet you, a blogger I stalk, next time I'm in NY! Alexis claims you're the coolest person ever... :)

12:41 PM  

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