Friday, April 29, 2005

Good shit!

What with all the whining I've done recently, figgered I'd spew a little sunshine on this fine Friday afternoon. Try not to...well, spew.

[NOTE: Items that may be even vaguely interesting to anyone but me marked with a **]

Speaking of spewing, last weekend, a boy made me laugh so hard over something so unfathomably gross that I very nearly threw up on Coco. It was awesome.

**Tonight, NYC Smoke opens for the goddamn New York Dolls at Irving Plaza. These guys are as talented as they are spankable. (not the Dolls...they're, um...just talented.) So yeah, you should go.

Going to the Bronx Zoo on Sunday for the first time in 29 years. Very excited, as you can imagine. I expect to spend hours in the mountain gorilla habitat, catching up with my relatives.

**Giraffes AND the Vitamen, Mercury Lounge, Saturday May 7th! Go, damn you! I would, but Lola and I will be in Vegas. (As will my parents...hoo boy...)

In regards to said parental units, Mom just had her regular checkup with the lung transplant team in Denver and got a clean bill of health. She's coming up on her five year anniversary. Mom fucking rules. If you're an organ donor, so do you.

**Richie White's gonna be on teevee. I'll keep you posted so you can watch it and go MAD with jealousy of Coco, coz her man is so fiiiiiiine.

I got presale tickets to see Elvis and Emmylou at Summerstage. You so wish you were me.

**There's still time to sponsor me for AIDS Walk New York! Email me for details!

And finally...In the midst of my tard-riffic existential crisis last week, I failed to mention that we ran into both Alan Rickman and Fab Moretti at the Maritime the night of Beck's show at Hiro. I hate the Strokes almost as much as I hate Ray Liotta, but damn that boy is good lookin'. (Fab, not Ray.) The troops walked me out the front entrance, awaaaaaay from the famous people, as I had ingested more-than-sufficient amounts of Jack Daniels by then. Smart kids, my friends. (Of course, they wanted to shove me up a trash shoot behind the building to get us into the show...but that's a whole 'nother story.)

Uuuuummmm...yeah, that about covers it. Good weekends to all. (Unless you suck, of course, in which case I hope your weekend does too.)


Anonymous Vitor Guedes said...


I was on google looking for some dave grohl pics and i found your blog.

I beg your sorry for posting and my bad english, i'm from Brasil and i'de like to send you a random hug!



8:26 AM  

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