Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Rock, mutanthood, and the love below

So this is what I did on Saturday night, and it's what you should do as soon as possible. I shouldn't say I "did" it...that could be taken wrong. Witnessed. That's better. Witness it. You will be changed.

Giraffes, this Thursday, Sin-e (home of Supercunt, the LES's favorite mullet bearing bartendress), 8:00 in the PM. Industry showcase. (Sweet.) I can't go. (Dang!)

Best conversation I've had thus far this week...

Helen's Mom: Did you see on the TV that the judge who won't reinsert Terri Schiavo's feeding tube is getting death threats now?

Helen: Yeah, I saw that. Disturbing. But hey, that's the religious right for you.

Helen's Mom: Boy, that religious right sure took a hard left!
(So yeah...it's like, genetic or something. You GO Mom.)

And of course...
Happy Birthday to Princess Scullypants!

Man, yo bitch is foine...


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