Monday, February 28, 2005

Updates updates updates...

It came to my attention today that I've left y'all hanging in regards to a few's the latest 411, whether you're interested or not:

1. Do it for Johnny: Haylar headed to Texas on Valentine's Day to enlist the help of Robert Rodriguez with the Johnny quest. If all went as planned, he was at the red carpet last night with a truck and a huge banner to get JD's attention. Haven't heard the results yet, but will shamelessly namedrop at the first opportunity.

2. Da Vinci Code: Finished it awhile back...not wonderfully written by any means, but an incredibly clever story which raises a ton of questions that are worth digging into. I already thought that Catholicism was bullshit, so Dan Brown's vaguely sophomoric style was relatively easily overlooked. Also finished The Lovely Bones by Alice see Dan, THAT's how you write a story. Gorgeous.

3. Dating Moratorium: Officially over. That's all I have to say about that.

4. CBass: From this day forward, Law & Order's favorite rock vixen will be known as Coco. Just so you know.

5. Tsunami: The death toll is at roughly 250,000 and still rising. Your contributions are still welcomed. Benefits are still taking place all over the country. Please go. My David is not home yet, but he did email me & should be back in late March/early April. Photos (of the bruises I'll be leaving on him) to follow.

6. The Drag Citizen/Drew Blood/Banana Fish Zero show on 2/18: Nothing short of spec-fucking-tacular. DC's best show thus far, without question. Check out the video if you don't believe me. Drew Blood was rad...I bet all the assholes that made fun of that guy in high school for practicing piano all the time feel pretty stupid now that Drew's sleeping with their girlfriends. And call me a sucker for the anthematic sing-along, but over a week later, I'm still walking around singing "Fire" under my breath. Damn you, John Law...damn you all to hell. (But I hafta say...shit bitch, you is fine!)

So there you go. Take care of yourselves, and each other.


Blogger The Drew Blood said...

Thanks for coming!

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