Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Somebody figgered out how ta put da pitchers in da bloggy blog...
Oh man, you guys are in for it now. (And save your comments about my being a slow learner. It's nothing I haven't heard from my mom for the last 32 years, so blow me.)

Anyhoo...when I read this earth-shattering, nipple-tingling news today, I couldn't help but reminisce about the old days (okay, last winter.) They were the days when I still occasionally showed up at places like Avalon...days when I still drank too much to realize that my boyfriend was a giant douche...days when I found myself kickin' it with Tommy Lee...

No, my hand was NOT on his ass, thankyouverymuch.

Can't wait to go to the show and be all like, "Tommy, how ARE you darling? Remember that time at Avalon when you were dating Pink and she was all like 'eeeeehhh' and we talked about how much Longwave sucked and...hahahahahah...good times! I missed you too pumpkin! Now stop touchin' my boobies...Well, okay, you can keep touching 'em. Hee hee!"


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