Thursday, January 27, 2005

Good news from Jersey, of all places

FINALLY...After a month of sweating it out, I got word from one of David's friends today...He called his mom, he's fine, and he's coming home next month. David's awesome friend Nicole and I spent half the day yesterday on IM, coming up with ideas on how to find him. She made tons of phone calls, we did internet searches, and we came up with absolutely nothing. The frustration and worry were maddening. Reading the email this morning, I cried from sheer relief for the first time since the doctor walked out of my mom's lung transplant surgery with a smile on his face in 2000. Now I just have to decide which to do first when I see him--hug him for two hours straight, or beat the piss out of him for letting everyone worry that the goddamn tsunami got him.

Now that that's cleared up...Whoopee, here we go, more randomness and stupidity for the sake of it:

This is the most bizarre and fucked up thing to make Daily Candy since the Giraffes. Gives new meaning to the term "banana hammock," don't it? (And thank god for that...*shiver*)

Mark Jen is a total fucking moron. Dude, if it were up to me, your ass would be back on Bill Gates' doorstep begging for your old job back. Since when is the ability to READ not a prerequisite for getting a kick ass job here? You signed the NDA just like the rest of us, pal. You're an idiot.

Guess who got new snowboots...first ones she's had since she was, like, 12 or something...Go on, guess! Yep...ME! YAAAAAY! (It's the little things, people. Don't hate--appreciate.)

Master Fly H. Shizzle hereby (that being me) commands you to stop here and get yo' Pimp Name on, bitch! Shout out to my pahtnah Tricktickler Lynn Dazzle for the hookup, yo.
(these name generator things never cease to amuse me. glean what you will from that.)

Ta-ta, kiddies...I'm off to shake down my hos.


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