Friday, January 07, 2005

Speak little, say much

So yeah, Happy New Year and all that. My lack of recent blogtivity has been due to a pressing need to be productive somewhere other than cyberspace. Odd, I know.

Thing is though, there is crazy awful shit happening in the world (again, click here and/or here for info & ways to help), and David is still missing. We're looking at 150K dead now. I can't bring myself to talk about my dates and what kind of hair day I'm having just yet. It's hard to reconcile the swell status of my life with the nightmare that so many are living, and until I can do that, I'm gonna shut my (virtual) cake hole.

In the meantime...please read, listen, pay attention, enjoy your good fortune, and do what you can to help.


Blogger Faggy Maggy said...

Hello... it's Faggy Maggy,

I'm not sure if I told you I changed my blog. I realize you are in mourning for the people affected in the disaster, however, read my latest posting called "Screw It..." at

I miss you.

12:35 PM  

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