Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Toys R so totally Us

Okay, so I'm one of those annoying people who loves her job. Love my coworkers, love my company, love what I do. I know it's irritating as hell...Don't hate me too much, though, because here's why:

We did a little fundraising thing in the office for Toys for Tots. As of this morning, we had about $200.00 to spend...not too shabby, right? So I sent out a little email to everyone just reminding them that today was the last day to donate...three hours later, I was sitting on EIGHT HUNDRED EFFING DOLLARS. Yeah. Amazing. There's nothing like spending your workday surrounded by people who actually give a shit and are willing & able to back it up.

So Lynn and William and I head off to the psychotically huge Toys R'Us in Times Square...three goofy-ass A.D.D. kids our damn selves...and proceed to go completely.fucking.MAD. Who didn't dream, as a kid, of a gi-normo toy store shopping spree? Hellooooooo...We're talking everything, from Scrabble to Legos...a Shrek backpack, assorted Spiderman shit, My Little PONY (ferchristsakes) , Finding Nemo dolls, Spongebob this and that, Play-Doh (those parents will hate us), Hot it, we bought it. "Oooooooh, I want one-a those! And THOSE! And THOSE!" We were having so much fun that we didn't even get (too) pissed about the godawful crowds. Denisse, our adorable little tiny cashier, was infinitely patient as she rang up bag after bag of stuff...I didn't hear her cuss under her breath at us even once. The girl deserves a raise (or at least a stiff drink. Or five.) And let me tell you, $800.00 buys an absolutely crazy amount of shit at the toy store these days, George Bush's ruined economy be damned. Those kids are SO hooked up, as it should be.

So then, after the seemingly endless trek out of the store, we made our way to the Toys for Tots truck parked in the middle of Times Square, where our karmic reward was already waiting for us. Two Marines were in charge of collecting the donated toys, and Marine #1 was so stunningly gorgeous that I actually lost my ability to speak for, like, three full minutes. I believe this to be a new record. I completely get that whole "support our troops" thing now. (And yes, of course we got photos.)

The thing is, prior to all this I was just reaching the point where I was sick of people asking me about my holiday plans, which are non-existent. I'm not at all unhappy about staying home and watching TV, but nonetheless, hearing about it was getting old. Now when anyone asks, I can tell them I've already done my holiday shite. I'm all set. That was far and away the most holiday-related fun I've ever, ever had, and an opportunity I wouldn't have had if not for the utter awesomeness of my co-workers. Hot. Very, very hot.

So there you go...I love my job. And I really love Lynn and Will. And damn, I looooooove that Marine. In fact, I'm presently trying to work up the guts to go, my support. For our troops and whatnot. Wish me luck. (I'll report back, of course.) Happy Holidaze, all y'all.

Oh and PS...Special shout out to my friend Jordan, who turns 30 today. Happy Birthday kid! (And yes, I'm still older than you, you bastard.)


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