Monday, January 17, 2005

Back from...nowhere.

Okay, so it's not doing me or anyone else any good to not write in deference to the horrors of the tsunami. No, David has not been located. No, I'm not okay about that. But short of getting on a plane, there's not much I can do for him or anyone else over there at the moment. And I'd be lying if I said my life was miserable because of's not. I'm scared for and constantly worried about my friend. I'm sad for and empathize with the people on the other side of the world who have lost so much and must start their lives over. I've donated and will continue to donate money as it becomes available to me. If anyone has suggestions for additional ways to help, please hit me up. For now, I'm gonna go back to sharing the inane details of my little life for your entertainment.

So...developments thus far in the still quite new year:

1. CBass is back, CBass is back, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! New York feels as normal as it possibly can again. At some point, CBass will too.

2. Work is going astoundingly well. I'm not even being sarcastic.

3. I don't really believe in New Year's resolutions. They seem to me to be one more way for people to forcibly disappoint themselves for no reason at all. Thus, I made more of an anti-resolution: Eat even MORE carbs (if that's humanly possible) and make even more fun of those around me on low-carb diets (definitely possible.) It's going fabulously so far.

4. I have placed myself on a dating moratorium until further notice...sorry, bitchez. I'll be back at some point, but right now I need my "me" time.

5. I've been remarkably productive. It's amazing what cutting 150 pounds of dead weight does for one's energy and motivation. My room is more than halfway to being re-done, and the kitchen is next. After two years of living in my loft, it's damn near presentable. Stay tuned for the inevitable party details.

6. Our beloved Aaron Lazar (the one with the axe...) went and got hisself all effed up. He's out of the hospital now and I'm told he will be back to cold rockin' it at some point, but he be a mess. Details on the upcoming benefit to pay his sure-to-be staggering medical bills forthcoming.

7. Blogging about Dublin is like, SO 2004. That ship sailed. Sorry 'bout that. But worry not...You'll definitely catch snippets here and there, as too many poignantly relevant and moronically hilarious events took place there for me to go to long without mentioning them.

8. Are we watching StrangeLove on VH1, my people? I, for one, cannot help myself. Nor can I stop running around screeching "Flavor FLAAAAAAAAAAAV!" If you feel like killing me, be my guest. The part of my brain that should be concerned with preserving my own survival has been effectively destroyed by the first two episodes of this show, so I won't even fight you. My only concern now is over the extent of the brain damage I can expect as the season progresses. Crack is, indeed, wack. (And if you don't believe me, ask the Flav. Cold chillin' in e-FECT!)

So there we are, effectively caught up. Keep doing your own version of praying, whatever that may be, for David and everyone else over there. And, um...don't stop thinkin' about tomorrow, or something. Yeah.


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