Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Yeah, I'm a sheep...sue me.

Okay, so I'm finally reading The DaVinci Code. I can admit it with only minimal shame. In my defense, even the most poorly written pop novel sounds like poetry when a gorgeous (naked) Irishman reads it to you...not that this book is that poorly written...did I mention that he was naked? At any rate, the story is intriguing, as are the research and reality behind it, so there. It's not like I'm extolling the literary virtues of that douchebag Dave Eggers or something. And anyway, he had that accent, and he was, you know, naked! How could I ignore a book recommendation under circumstances like that? You tell me.

Anyway, thanks to Jen for letting me borrow her copy. Sheep out.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those Irish shepherds can be so demanding! Hey, isn't that where syphilis came from? And did you say "under circumstances" or "uncircumcised"? I get so confused when I multi-task. -- Shannon

1:42 PM  

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