Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The sound of one hand in yer pocket

Okay, I need you to focus here, people...we got some ground to cover today.

First, more about Matt Wiederkehr and his unbelievable wife Jen...Jen's participating in Pfizer Oncology's Colon Cancer Challenge this Sunday, March 13, in Central Park. Her team of walkers, Matt's Promise, has raised nearly $10K , far exceeding Jen's goal of $5K. Please click here to donate. Matt should've been around much, much longer...cancer research will help prevent senseless losses like his someday. I've said it before, but Jen, YOU FUCKING ROCK, and I admire you almost inordinately.

Next, check out the Westword (Denver's weekly paper) story on Do it for Johnny...haven't yet heard the results of the visit to Aspen for Hunter Thompson's memorial service...I can only hope it went better than the near-stabbing at the red carpet. Yeesh.

Speaking of Hunter...this snippet, from 1010Wins today, nearly made me piss my pants (God, but I'm gonna miss that man):

At the memorial, neighbor and actor Don Johnson remembered
once asking Thompson: What is the sound of one hand clapping? Thompson responded by slapping Johnson across the face.

Moving right along...Don't forget Aaron's benefit at the Knitting Factory tomorrow night. Who knew a couple of heart attacks could be so gahddamned expensive? Gurn's looking at close to a million bucks in bills so far...so come out, see Baby D, Theo, and a host of other New York rock star types, get wasted, dance like a moron, and donate! (Can't speak for anyone else, but my ass is takin' a half day on Thursday.)

Alright, enough. All good stuff today. I'll save the talk about someone famous whose ever-lovin' guts I hate for tomorrow. (Hint: He's a fucking Republican! Who knew?)


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