Thursday, March 31, 2005

All growed up?

Current read: Becoming Madame Mao, by Anchee Min (thanks to Scully.) Very interesting. This passage in particular stuck out:

"The girl looks up at Tang Nah in awe as he explains maturity.
It is like the radiance of the sun but not as bright and hurtful to the eyes. It is a sound that is pleasant and resonant but not sugar-filled. It is a kind of ease. It doesn't demand attention. There is no longer a need to please. It is the point at which one no longer begs for another's understanding. It is a smile that forgives all. It is one's peacefulness, one's remoteness toward the world of materials. It is a height that one doesn't have to climb to achieve. It is when the passion-dough is ready for steam, when the shrill sound of a mountain wind gives way to a gentle moan and the streams gather into a lake."

Really? Is that so? Here I was thinking that one had reached maturity when she no longer found stuff like this pissterically funny. I'm kinda glad I was wrong...if I'm reading ol' Anchee right, I can be a grownup and still laff at doody jokes. Sweet!

What I can't laugh at are the Terri Schiavo jokes making the rounds on the net these last few days...As grossly inappropriate, crude and insensitive as my sense of humor tends to be, I believe that making fun of someone so vulnerable is just fucking reprehensible. I've been quite disappointed in some friends and acquaintances who felt the need to forward me some of that crap. I was sad and happy at the same time today when I heard that Terri had finally moved on to something better. I hope that wherever she is, the folks have better things to do than make fun of people who are suffering.

Okay! Y'all know I hate to go out on a downer, so here's some more grownup humor for you. Yeah, bitchez.


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