Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I heart the internet

So many reasons to love the internet...the endless distractions from work, two gigs of email storage, the blogosphere (of course), the free porn...I could go on.

The main reason I love it today, though, is due to the fact that Mr. WWW brought me Big Dan. And I love me some Big Dan. Big Dan turns 27 today.

We met & bonded semi-randomly on myspace (of all godawful places), over our common wish to cause grave bodily harm to child molesters. A year later, the dude knows more about me than my mother (and thank god for that, coz there's plenty of things my mother should never, ever know about me.) Dan provides me with a daily reminder of two vitally important things:

  1. There really ARE incredibly good, kind, caring people out there, and
  2. When you find a friend who's as sick a fuck as you are, hold on to 'em.

Dan, you are absolutely priceless (and not in that MasterCard commercial kinda way, either.) I'm sure that your awesome, beautiful girlfriend is, at this moment, making sure that you have the most fantastic birthday ever. I hope you know how much you deserve it. Love you kid.

Special thanks to Al Gore, for, you know, inventing the 'net in the first place and all. Yeah.


Blogger farmboyz said...

Well there you are, Dear, you've just written a perfectly serviceable Academy Award acceptance speech.

10:33 PM  
Anonymous Big Dan said...

Ah, he seems alright.

1:37 PM  

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