Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Tick tick tick...

That's the sound of my 15 minutes, ebbing away...

If you wanna jump on my fame train, pick up the July issue of Playgirl (yes, Playgirl...shut up) and turn to the last page. You have Miss Alexis T. to thank for my appearance.

I figured that since I never really discuss sex here in the Ninth Circle, I'd share my thoughts on this most intimate of topics with an ambiguously gay national nudie mag.

Yet again, makin' Moms proud. That would be me.


Blogger farmboyz said...

Oh Helen, it's been so many years since my lily white suburban childhood when I purchased a copy of Playgirl (and saw Fabian's dick). Just post your article here. I can't bring myself to buy that magazine, but I really want to read what you wrote. Do it now, Helen.

8:40 PM  
Anonymous Glenn said...

I think your mom will never find out, but if she does, you'll know she reads Playgirl.

I'm with farmboyz. Please don't make us buy Playgirl to read the article.

9:41 AM  
Blogger jessica said...

wow, playgirl. that's an impressive masquerading-as-straight-woman-porn-but-no-woman-in-her-right-mind-would-want-to-look-at-male-genetalia-in-full-glossy-color magazine. i hope they didn't make you look at the spreads...eek!!!

5:46 PM  

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