Friday, June 24, 2005

Helen: Assless and loving it

My ass... gone!
It has officially been danced off.


Thank the powers that be for my darling Mohammed and his extra ticket to the STELLAR Junior/Senior gig last night at the Mercury Lounge. I do not exaggerate one bit when I tell you that this was the best show I've seen since Afrika Bambaataa and the Zulu Nation virtually destroyed the Lunatarium almost two years ago. J/S's unpretentious brand of what can only be described as pansexual-Euro-retro-electropop-ska-rock provided something indiepop typically lacks: Solid, memorable songs (Shake Your Coconuts and The Gays, in particular) that are cleverly evocative without straying into derivative banality. Truly impressive and refreshing. Junior, with his Shaun Cassidy-meets-Vince Neil mini-mullet and diminutive stature, blasted more rockness out of that little body than any gangly scene-poseur New York frontman I've had the dubious pleasure of watching. Senior was the clear favorite amongst the crowd's strong gay showing; he's all about the vibrant, bouncing energy and touchy-feely crowd bonding. Add in two gorgeous, stunningly talented backup singers and a drummer with the accuracy of a fucking machine, and you've got some serious unstoppable action on your hands.

If that doesn't convince you, consider this: Even the hipsters were dancing. Yeah. (For the record, however...they're still douchebags.)

See Junior/Senior. Buy Junior/Senior records. Love them like we love them. I command you!

Now, in other, sadder news...
The rumors are unfortunately true...Coco has officially rolled up the magic carpet. While I respect her decision, I won't hesitate to remind her ad nauseum that she was the coolest, most ahead-of-the-game music blogger in the 'sphere, and will be sorely missed. I'll do what I can to pass along her vast indie knowledge to you as she graces me with it. And feel free to lodge your protests in her comments section, as Charles and I have.

And, of course, YAY FOR THE GAY! Happy Pride, bitchez!
(Note: If, during/after the parade, you find a post-it on your back that says "Kick Me, I'm Gay!"...well, you can bank that myself or my cohorts did it. Don't worry, I'll be wearing one too, even though I'm only half-a-fag. We're not hatin'. It's love, Ninth Circle style. Feel it!)


Anonymous Big Dan said...

"I bet this fiddle of gold against yer soul cause I think I'm gayer than you" -

The Homo Went Down To Georgia (The Charlie Daniels Band)

9:27 AM  

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