Monday, October 16, 2006

One nation, under Stan

I was a pretty nerdy kid. I evolved into a pretty nerdy grownup. I have an X-Men tattoo, okay? So me personally, I didn't need another reason to love Stan Lee.

You cool kids might, though. Those of you who had friends and social lives and whatnot when you were growing up might not quite understand the force of nature that is The Stan. You should read this. Because behind all the labels, aren't we all just the same?

If you read comic books, you'd already know that. Think about it.

ps. Don't worry, I still hate everyone. Everyone but Stan.


Blogger GayProf said...

Comics fight bias?!? I just read them for the spandex-clad muscle men. Mmmm – Muscle men [insert Homer-salivating noises here].

So, who was/is your favorite comic hero from either Marvel or DC (besides, obviously, Wonder Woman (who is clearly the most superior hero of them all).

And, hey, when are you coming to Boston?

5:00 PM  
Blogger Big Daddy said...

He even made Iron Man a quasi-alcoholic if I remember right.

Besides, it was the cool kids who read comics.

8:31 PM  
Anonymous Stash said...

And to think I cut my comics teeth on the X-Men.

And then, I had the good fortune to read The Sandman -- the Orpheus special, which if you recall, had a glow-in-the-dark cover.

After that, I was a DC/Vertigo geek for life.

11:29 PM  

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