Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Look out, Bugs Bunny

Dubya's coming for you...

Updated: 11:07 a.m. EST (16:07 GMT), February 8, 2006
Bush urges end to cartoon violence

It was only a matter of time, really. You, Daffy, and Yosemite Sam may want to talk to your boy Osama, get some tips on hiding out.

Go with God, my big-eared friend.

[Update, 1:34 PM: Fuck you, Gawker, for stealing my joke. I'll still sleep with you, but forget breakfast!]


Blogger Rocky said...

I heard someone tried to assasinate him by dropping an anvil on his head, but luckily a secret service agent took the hit for the prez. He walked away like an accordian with stars circling his head, but should recover...

5:42 PM  

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