Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Smoke, or get rats and the clap

Mr. Pinky, reporter for the Ninth Circle's Colorado bureau, submits the following:

NEW YORK: "Mayor's Report: Employment Is Up in New York, but So Are Rats and Syphilis" (Associated Press, 09.12.05, Sara Kugler)

According to New York City's annual Mayor's Management Report, which reviewed fiscal year 2005, crime and unemployment are low, but the city is battling a rat problem. The city's bill of health is mixed: Fewer New Yorkers are smoking, but syphilis is increasing. The city's number of syphilis cases rose from 599 in fiscal 2004 to 646 in 2005. Thomas Frieden, the health department's commissioner, said that increase mirrors a troubling trend worldwide.

To that I say: Nurse Ratched, I'd like my cigarettes please.


Anonymous charles said...

This rat with a giant red sore on its ass (seriously) jumped out of the trashcan in front of my building and asked for a cigarette yesterday. Where's the study on shit like that!?

1:36 AM  

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