Monday, August 22, 2005

I Wonder Monday, Volume Six

There's a lot on my mind today (hard as that is to believe), so let's get right to it:

  • I wonder why the Six Feet Under finale bugged me so much. (And by "bugged," I mean "caused me to sob for 45 minutes resulting in gross squinty Renee Zellweger eyes.") I think it had something to do with Claire speeding toward what seemed to be an uncertain future New York, much as I did three years ago, when in reality she was just doing what we're all doing every second of every day: hurtling toward our deaths. Hey, the future really is certain after all. Woo hoo.
  • I wonder if finishing Harry Potter and watching the SFU finale in the same day was maybe a bad idea. Depressing and depressing-er. Although I'm not sure what was more of a drag about the latest HP: the wicked-sad death at the end, or the fact that not a godddamn thing happened in the 600+ pages before that.
  • I wonder what I'm gonna do with myself on Sunday nights now that Six Feet Under is no longer an option. Oh yeah...I can watch Rome instead. (jesus, HBO should be paying my ass, what with all the press I give them and their damn addictive-as-crack TV shows. bastards!)
  • I wonder, based on the fact that I've continuted to show up for this godawful HR-nightmare of a temp job, exactly what I'm capable of doing for money. Seriously. If the cash weren't obscene, I would have fattened some deserving jerkoff's lip and trucked on outta this joint on the second day or so. But the cash is obscene. And here I am. Disturbing.
  • I wonder how the Living Colour show at CB's was on Friday. Sold out before I had the money for a ticket. Kindly provide details if you attended. [UPDATE, 8/23: I thought, prior to reading this (via Brooklyn Vegan), that my depression over missing this show had reached its apex. I could not have been more incorrect. Fuck fuck fuck fuck FUCK!]
  • I wonder how the Giraffes fared on the CBS Early Show on Saturday, pre-Amsterjam. Yes, someone was actually dumb enough to put the Giraffes on live TV. I hope at least one of them said "balls." (And yes, of course I'll post the clip if it becomes available.)
  • I wonder how my parents are doing. Since, you know, I've been totally ostracized. Again.
  • I wonder why I care at all about people who have treated me like one form of shit or another my entire life. Damn these genetic obligations.
  • I wonder how I survived before I had satellite TV, Netflix, and Fresh Direct. I think of all those times I had to, like, LEAVE my just makes me shudder.
  • I wonder what happened to my mojo. Whether lost or stolen, it is most definitely missing.
  • I wonder why/how it took so long for Whoretney to do what we all knew she would. She was clean for what, 20, 30 minutes? Call in the Vatican, it's a fucking miracle. (Actually, the fact that Frances is turning out so well truly is miraculous. Poor kid.)
  • I wonder what HST would say about all this madness.
  • I wonder where this asshole's been. Not that it matters...I'm just glad he's back. Right.


Anonymous DaF said...

LOL u sure wonder alot! just like i complain alot!

2:21 PM  
Blogger Sangroncito said...

Not to worry. I found your mojo wandering aimlessly here in San Francisco and I'm Fed-exing it to you in the morning.

4:59 PM  
Blogger farmboyz said...

I also will admit to having to choke back and stifle a bit of an emotional reaction to the Six Feet Under ending (after I got over laughing about the Toyota Prius product placement). I wanted to slo-mo it. I wanted ten more seasons so I could live out all the years that would end with Claire at 102 with her bleary eyes finally leaving this world. (I thought the NY TImes review of the finale was a bit heartless.)

6:06 PM  

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