Monday, July 25, 2005

I Wonder Monday, Fourth Edition

To acquaint yourself with this utterly retarded yet wildly popular Ninth Circle tradition, click here. If you're already familiar and haven't already rolled your eyes and clicked away, here goes:

  • I wonder how long it'll take me to get a job. (Did I mention that I quit mine? Oh yeah. I quit my job, as of this Friday. Consider yourself updated.) NOTE: If you wish to pay me shitloads of money to work for/with you, click here. And yes, the work must be non-sexual in nature, thanks.)
  • I wonder how much weight I'll lose once the cavalcade of free Googlefood stops. Yet another potential upside to my departure.
  • I wonder if Shari Kurzrok will find a liver donor in time. I inquired and was informed that a complete liver from a non-living donor is required, rather than a partial organ. My mom's life was saved by organ donation, so I know what this is like for Shari and her family. Fingers crossed.
  • I wonder how long it's gonna take me to wade through the Lord of the Rings books. Sheezus. Not even halfway through Fellowship of the Ring, and I'm nearly suicidal with boredom. I don't think I've ever said this about any book ever before...but goddamn, the movies were soooo much better. (Of course, the eye candy factor may admittedly have a role in that...)
  • I wonder how I'll react if the NYPD asks to search my bag before I'm allowed on the subway. While I understand the purpose of the searches, I understand my Constitutional rights just as well. I hope for everyone's sake that they catch me in a good mood.
  • I wonder if Nate's gonna live! Holy crap! (Dear god, do I ever watch too much television.)
  • I wonder if a lifelong Yankee fan such as myself can actually date a Red Sox fan with any measure of success. I mean, my parents are an example of such a mixed marriage (Dad Yanks, Mom Sox), but I'd hardly call their union successful, despite its duration of 40-plus years. This guy, though...hmmm. One fine Red Sox fan, I tell you whut. Hopefully, I'll have updates to post on this topic.

Okay, off to the drycleaner...and, of course, the shrink...


Anonymous Big Dan said...

I'll tell you, it CAN be done. If Miss Renee were a closet Yankee fan and told me NOW it would be alright, I mean it's been almost a year. If she had told me when we first started dating, we just plain wouldn't have! Actually the sox and Yankees only play 18-19 times a year in the regular season, it might be nice to argue and get some anger out. Misplaced anger, we all know the Red Sox are better.

5:53 PM  
Blogger Sangroncito said...

I hope the drycleaner doesn't SHRINK your clothes!

1:11 AM  
Anonymous Glenn said...

Welcome back, Kotter!

Apparently you're not as big a geek as I am, as I LOVED the LOTR trilogy as books. You are right, though. The movies were better.

8:40 AM  
Anonymous Matt said...

Regarding the subway searches, Flex Your Rights Foundation has an excellent Citizen's Guide to Refusing New York Subway Searches detailing how to reject a potential search while entering the subway. Thought you might be interested.

2:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys are nuts. The Lord of the Rings books were incredible. I haven't even seen the movies yet, to be honest.

5:26 PM  

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