Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Excuse me, Mr. Bloomberg?

Blow me.

Note: If you don't live in New York City, this posting will probably not interest you much. Feel free to carry on with your bad self. Be sure to check back tomorrow, though, coz that one's gonna be a doozy.

That said...

I voted for the Green Party guy...whatever his name is...because obviously Bloomberg's a douchebag and Ferrer is...well, a douchebag. Knowing that Doomberg will win has me a tad bummed out.

So how will I console myself, you ask? Well, with a little bit of starfucking and a whole lot of rock, or course...

Tomorrow night, November 9th, at Sin-e (on the LES), please join Coco, Charles, myself, and a host of others for a night of imbibement, Republican-bashing, and gawking at sexy musicians. Stars of the show are Jessie Diamond and the Thousand, who play at 10:00. Get there early enough, though, and you might see a) me, sober (!), and b) Tim Robbins, whose band Gob Roberts goes on at 7:30. Fer reals.

And then, if we're not feeling any better about the sorry state of our city's affairs, we can just pass out under a table at Sin-e and stay for Thursday's show... the Negatones (9 PM), Beat the Devil (featuring Mishka Shubaly, 10 PM), and the Giraffes (11 PM).

I have every intention of drying out enough to get back to work on the novel by Friday. No, really.

[6,336 words down, a fucking ridiculous shitload to go. And now my girl Kasey Bomber has joined in, too. Guarantee she'll be done a full week before I am. God I hate her. And by 'hate' I mean 'adore'.]

Four more years...sigh...


Blogger jessica said...

i hate the "choosing the lesser of two evils" approach in voting. which is why i voted for nader in 2000. disclaimer: this was ok because i live in ny, hence i had nothing to do with the electoral vote debacle. also, michael moore really pisses me off, cause he perpetuated the whole nader thing, showing up at rallies and such, and then acted like he was all for gore. what a phony. sorry. i just wanted to rant there for a sec.

1:10 PM  

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