Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hasta la Helen...or, Thanks for the Mammaries

I always had a vague idea in my mind that when I finally shut this thing down, I'd do it on some significant anniversary, or with some sort of fanfare.

That's not to be the case.

Thing is, I'm just done. I don't have anything left that I wish to express in this forum. It's that simple. Party called due to a pressing lack of interest.

I've met some wonderful, amazing people in the freakshow that is the blogosphere, whom I'm deeply thankful to know. The good ones far outnumber the creepy, self-important douchebags I've come across. I'd say that makes the whole thing worthwhile.

I may return at some point with a photoblog. I doubt it. Thus, if you wish to keep in touch, email a bitch.

Peace out, kids. All the best.

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